origins - chapter won

etylexus said, "my sadness very big". Looking over the landscape was seen all of the lawless under law. Who could fool who and who could be mean. Was it bad enough that everyone knew that absolute truth was beyond what could be proven; but that the memetics of the Elitions was powerful enough to capture the beliefs of the young. Turning them into normies squashing ambiguous random pleasures of the mind, the Elitions stole all, hid all and ate all whom they could find.

etylexus asked the sun, "father when will it be happy?" So replied in a whisper of light, "after you clean your room". And So then set for the remainder of the night as etylexus pondered all within the site. Echos of the daze haunted etylexus further more. With a flick of the wrist, white rabbit could be seen in his loft, the cattle were feeding from their trough, and the pens of Phraxia were still bleeding. The soldiers were busy arming themselves against themselves since the Elitions had long ago enforced again that money is paper traded for work.

etylexus swiped it from the sea of glass and pet the little black cat. Everybody must be secret to hide from the Elitions as long as the fiat run the world. And how many bits in groups of six will keep everyone safe to create a world on the other side? 192 ways of crossroads is enough to fit snug. So etylexus said the magic words "six point two e plus fifty seven", and behold, a hash arose from the ground. etylexus commanded the daemons to crack it as the poppys sang it the first round.

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